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Description of Sportstats

Follow your favorite teams for Swedish ice hockey SHL, HockeyAllsvenskan, HockeyEttan, SDHL, DamEttan, CHL, Hockey-VM, Hockey-OS, World Cup i Ishockey, JVM, NHL, KHL and Bandy Elitserien, Handbollsligan, Handboll SHE, Innebandy SSL and football / soccer with Allsvenskan, SuperEttan, DamAllsvenskan, Elitettan, Division 1 and 2, Fotbolls-VM, EM, OS, Premier League, Champions League, League One, FA-Cupen, Europa League, The Championship, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Eredivisie and Bundesliga.

Livescore for all leagues.

NOTE! Sportstats costs 15-20 SEK / year. NHL and KHL are free!

Swedish information:
Also follow your favorite players and get a notification when they score a goal, assist or red card.

Beta versions: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.edvision.fotbollstats

Live statistics with:

SHL, NHL, HockeyAllsvenskan, HockeyEttan, SDHL, VM, JVM and OS have shooting statistics, expulsions, lineups, player statistics, PP / BP statistics.

KHL has team line-up, goal scorers, assists and player statistics.

The Allsvenskan, Premiere League, Champions League, etc have ball possession, team line-ups, player statistics and referees.

The lower leagues, training matches have goal scorers or goals and player statistics.

All leagues have complete schedules!

Play Swedish Radio and Radiosport's extra broadcasts Sportextra.

Why all these rights:

To be able to retrieve results and statistics.

Sleep mode:
Retrieve results in the background when the phone is locked.

Calendar events:
To be able to save the game schedule in your calendar.

Telephone status and identity:
Stop web radio if you answer on your mobile.

All hockey team you can follow:
Malmo Redhawks
Luleå HF
Frölunda HC
Färjestad BK
Orebro HK
Linkoping HC
Mora IK
Karlskrona HK
Vaxjo Lakers HC
Skellefteå AIK
Brynäs IF
Djurgårdens IF
Rogle BK

Hockey Allsvenskan:
Västerviks IK
Timra IK
White Horse
Leksands IF
IF Troja Ljungby
MODO Hockey
Södertälje SK
Tingsryds AIF
BIK Karlskoga
IK Panther
Almtuna IS
IK Oskarshamn

Luleå HF
MODO Hockey
Brynäs IF
Leksands IF
Linköping HC
Djurgårdens IF
Gothenburg HC 1

Hockeyettan North:
Kalix HC
Bodens HF
Vännäs HC
Östersund IK
Asplöven HC
SK Lejon
Sollefteå HK
Piteå HC
Örnsköldsvik HF
Tegs SK Hockey
Kiruna IF

HockeyEttan Södra:
Kallinge Ronneby IF
Nybro Vikings IF
Hanhals IF
Grästorps IK
Vimmerby HC
Helsingborgs HC
Tyringe SoSS
Halmstad HF
Tranås AIF IF
Kristianstads IK
HC Dalen
HA 74 Sävsjö

Hockeyettan West:
Skovde IK
Köping HC
Lindlövens If
Kumla HC Black Bulls
VIK Vasteras HK
Grums IK Hockey
Enköpings SK HK
Mariestad BoIS HC
IFK Arboga IK
forshaga if
Borlänge HF
Surahammars IF

Hockeyettan East:
Visby Roma HK
IF Vallentuna BK Ice Hockey
Väsby IK HK
Valbo HC
Hanvikens SK
Huddinge IK
Hudiksvalls HC
Nyköpings HF Ungdom
Hammarby IF
Wings HC Arlanda
Nacka HK
Sollentuna HC

Nashville Predators
Detroit Red Wings
Calgary Flames
St. Louis Blues
Edmonton Oilers
Colorado Avalanche
Vancouver Canucks
Minnesota Wild
Dallas Stars
Anaheim Ducks
Arizona Coyotes
Los Angeles Kings
San Jose Sharks
New York Islanders
New York Rangers
Philadelphia Flyers
Pittsburgh Penguins
Boston Bruins
Buffalo Sabers
Montreal Canadiens
Ottawa Senators
Toronto Maple Leafs
Winnipeg Jets
Carolina Hurricanes
Florida Panthers
Tampa Bay Lightning
Washington Capitals
Chicago Blackhawks
Columbus Blue Jackets
New Jersey Devils
Vegas Golden Knights

Bandy Elitserien:
IFK Motala
IK Tellus
TB Västerås
Hammarby IF
Sandvikens AIK
Broberg / Soderhamn
Bollnäs GIF
Edsbyns IF
IK Sirius
Vetlanda BK
Västerås SK
Villa Lidköping BK
IFK Vanersborg

Handball League:
IFK Kristianstad
HK Malmo
IFK Skövde HK
Lugi HF
Redbergslids IK
Alingsås HK
Eskilstuna Guif
Ystads IF HF
IK Sävehof
Ricoh HK
HIF Karlskrona
HK Aranäs

Version history Sportstats
New in Sportstats 2.6.6
+ Playoff Points under Table, Stats, Playoffs Player Points. For the SHL, NHL to begin with.
+ League update fix.
+ Notification name fix.
New in Sportstats 2.6.5
Version 2.6.5
+ Search for players under Table, Player Points / etc and click on the magnifying glass at the top.
+ Show Live matches plus upcoming matches during Today's matches at the top left.
+ New event icons.
+ Favorite player update.
+ If you minimize the app, it should always start where you were now.
New in Sportstats 2.6.4
Version 2.6.4
+ Notification Icon Fix.
+ Background service did not end correctly.
New in Sportstats 2.6.2
Version 2.6.2
+ New table history. Under Table, Stats, Table History. Choose to step from Round or Date and play forward.
+ Fix NHL Division Points / Match.
+ New Zoom mode with bold in bright mode. Change during Today's matches at the top left, Zoom mode, Standard Bold.
New in Sportstats 2.6.1
Version 2.6.1
+ New NHL Divisions.
New in Sportstats 2.5.9
Version 2.5.8
+ New tables sorted by points / match. Under Table, Stats, Table Points / Match and also Player Points / Match.
+ Lighter and medium-bold text in dark mode.
New in Sportstats 2.5.6
Version 2.5.6
+ Notification fix when results change back.
+ Notification audio fix for favorite players.
New in Sportstats 2.5.2
Version 2.5.2
+ Sportstats audio notification fix for Android 10+. Under Settings at the bottom you can reinstall Sportstats audio notifications.
+ Clearer Swish information.
New in Sportstats 2.5.0
Version 2.5.0
+ Widget fix if you have several widgets.
New in Sportstats 2.4.8
Version 2.4.8
+ Notification fix if you have clicked Sound under Settings, Notifications.
+ Favorite teams are always shown at the top during Today's matches by default. Change during Today's matches, click at the top left, Match sorting.
New in Sportstats 2.4.5
Version 2.4.5
+ Notification update. If you do not receive any notifications, test Notification under Settings and at the bottom.
+ Automatically choose between light / dark theme under Settings, Appearance.
+ Always dark navigation menu if you have chosen a dark theme in Sportstats.
+ The radio is played even if you back out of the app. Stop the radio from the notification and STOP RADIO.
+ Table sweep fix.
New in Sportstats 2.4.4
Version 2.4.4
+ Swish code verification-fix.
New in Sportstats 2.4.1
Version 2.4.1
+ Now play schedule for playoff games that are not yet determined. For World Cup / European Championships etc.
+ Do not vibrate at completely silent mode when you have not clicked Sound in Sportstats Settings.
+ Swipe fix during each match.
+ View TV channels by default.
* Copa America and Soccer World Cup U21 can be found under Select Football leagues.
New in Sportstats 2.4.0
Version 2.4.0
+ When you click on the matches during a match and STATISTICS then you come directly to the match.
+ Table Slutspel Update.
+ Push update.
New in Sportstats 2.3.9
Version 2.3.9
+ Layout fixes if you have font size larger / largest in Android Settings. If not all of the layer names fit then switch to Zoom mode Less under Today's matches, top left, Zoom mode.
+ Table Layout updates.
+ The names of the team lineups should be accommodated on all devices now.
New in Sportstats 2.3.8
Version 2.3.8
+ Turn off notifications for favorite teams in a league. For example, if you have the favorite team in several leagues such as ladies, juniors, etc. Under Settings, Notification, Turn off notifications.
+ Auto update max. Every 10 seconds.
+ All font sizes customized to your Android settings. Some sizes are locked as numbers in tables to accommodate.
Looks strange to contact me at sportstats@edvision.se.
New in Sportstats 2.3.7
Version 2.3.7
+ Fixed sorting of leagues under Select leagues and own sorting.
+ Displays the NHL-Wild Card table by default.
+ Clearer selection of the law in the table when you click LIFE TABLE from a match.
* Higher priority on notifications.
* To turn on LED lights on Android 8+ then go to Sportstats, Settings and Audio Settings, Audio Notification, click Advanced and turn on Flashed lights.
New in Sportstats 2.3.6
Version 2.3.6
+ Today's match-fix.
+ Setup to clear everything and reload leagues if something strange.
+ Player stats under each match and STATISTICS and at the bottom.
+ Updated payment information and a link so you can get your swish code if you forget it.
* Ligue 1 and Eredivisie back!
* NHL has some better stats now with teams, expulsions, shots.
New in Sportstats 2.3.5
Version 2.3.5
+ Solve code-fix.

Version 2.3.4
+ Now everyone has to pay for Premium either 20: - / year Google subscription or Swish 50: - without time limit.
+15: payment removed because it will not be used for reinstallation.
+ Now it's possible to search for players for all leagues in Eliteprospects / Transfer Market or Google. Long-click the game name during each match, events, team setup, player statistics.
* Now all leagues have player statistics under Table, Stats, Player Goal.
New in Sportstats 2.3.3
Version 2.3.3
+ League names appear under each match if you choose to sort bye Favorite Match -> League or Time. It can turn off under Settings, Other. (Click the top left of today's matches to change the sorting.)
+ Life Table with correct overtime / penalties won / lost and KHL with 2 points system.
+ Notification fix so it does not vibrate at Stör Ej.
+ Some layout updates.
New in Sportstats 2.3.1
Version 2.3.1
+ Push Notification Fix for Android 8 again.
+ Calendar fix then Add ALL matches will work again.
+ Today's match update fix.
+ A little larger font under Schedule. Change font size during today's matches, click the top left, select Zoom Mode.
New in Sportstats 2.3.0
Version 2.3.0
+ Notification fix for Android 8. Thanks for bug reports !!! If notifications still work please contact me at sportstats@edvision.se.
New in Sportstats 2.2.8
Version 2.2.8
+ NHL Wild Card-fix, at equal points and equal number of won matches, the live-order will be fixed after all matches are over.
New in Sportstats 2.2.6
Version 2.2.6 + Clicking Table / Event / Layout Rows will highlight it. + The playoff table shows the match results in brackets and with heading. + Life table with green arrow for live match. + Elite Prospect fix. + Tabelluppdateringsfix.
New in Sportstats 2.2.5
Version 2.2.5 + New MUCH better link to Eliteprospects, long-click player name during events, team setup or Table-> State-> Player to search for players in Eliteprospects. The link will open in your browser or Eliteprospects app. + Long layer names are mapped in the result widget. + Scrolls automatically at the top of today's matches from notifications (Click on the top left to sort Day Matches by Favorite Match first -> League). + Today's Match-Zoom Mode fixes.
New in Sportstats 2.2.4
Version 2.2.4 + Notifications will not be aggregated by Android 7 if you have selected a notification per match (Thanks to Fille!) + NHL live table fix. * KHL is now available. (Goalkeeper and Assistant)
New in Sportstats 2.2.3
Crash fixes.
New in Sportstats 2.2.2
Version 2.2.2 + Today's matches / no match-fix.
New in Sportstats 2.2.1
Version 2.2.1 + Swipefix under Table. Swipe quickly between tables and player statistics.
New in Sportstats 2.1.8
Version 2.1.8 + Much better browsing / sweeping under Table and Schedule! Swipe right / left to quickly change league. + Pushinställningsfix. + Favoritlagsnamnfix. * Hockey Season Series and HockeyEttan are now available.
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